fanfic - kings, thieves, and exiles (2/3)

title: kings, thieves, and exiles
pairing: spot/racetrack (if you really want a pairing)
rating: PG-13 (violence and politics)
warnings: the gritty reboot as directed by Martin Scorsese
additional tags/warnings: see post
summary: The night Spot Conlon took over Brooklyn was the night Racetrack turned up off the street in Manhattan

Chapter 2 of 3:
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fanfic - kings, thieves, and exiles (1/3)

title: kings, thieves, and exiles
pairing: spot/racetrack (if you really want a pairing)
rating: PG-13 (violence and politics)
warnings: the gritty reboot as directed by Martin Scorsese
additional tags/warnings: see post
summary: The night Spot Conlon took over Brooklyn was the night Racetrack turned up off the street in Manhattan

Chapter 1 of 3:
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Newsies -- Would I Let You Down?
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[Newsies] A New Day Dawning: Feeling the Light (1/1)

So... I don't know if anyone is even still reading this comm or is interested in the musical version if they do, but I thought I'd give it a shot and post this here just in case. ^_^

I finally did it! The happy ending/epilogue to my Newsies fic is finally done! *cheers* And it only took me two years... That's not bad for me. ^_~ Enjoy?

A New Day Dawning: Feeling the Light (3624 words) by Renee-chan
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Newsies!: the Musical - Fierstein/Menken
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Crutchie/Jack Kelly
Characters: Jack Kelly, Crutchie
Additional Tags: First Time, Schmoop, Hotel Sex, Drawing, Slow and Sweet, Friendship/Love, Best Friends, friends acting like fairy godmothers
Series: Part 2 of A New Day Dawning [AO3] [LJ] []

Summary: There was something about that pose -- and the blissful smile that hadn't left Crutchie's face even in sleep -- that made Jack's hand itch for a piece of charcoal.

(Note: This story is intended as a sequel/epilogue to A New Day Dawning, but I believe it can be read/understood as a one-shot.)

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Fic: Best Friend (Mush/Blink)

Fandom: Newsies
Title: Best Friend
Author: Rachael Keane
Pairing: Blink/Mush
Genre: Friendship/Romance
Rating: T
Summary: Blink tends to a sick Mush at the Lodging House one cold night.
Blink's POV
Damn! What a night! I'm supposed to be at a party at Irving Hall right now with my best friend Mush. It was gonna be a really good party from what I heard from everyone else. But instead, I had a change of plans suddenly.

Instead of going to that party tonight, I was back at the Lodging House taking care of Mush, who had caught a cold the other night. I sat in the bed below him to watch out for him. Right now, he was half asleep.

Once in a while, he would wake up and I would have to wipe his forehead with some cool water. Mush had come in the other night after sellin' papes, and he had caught a fever. It was pretty bad for a while, but it went down a bit, but he was still sick.

As I sat to read, I heard a faint moaning coming from above me. I got up, and put my book down. I went to the basin, and got the washcloth. I went up to Mush's bunk only to find him awake, and sitting up.

"Hey Blink...what's going on?" Mush asked me with a small smile.

"Not much, Mush. How're ya feeling?" I asked, wetting his head with the cloth.

"A little better. I still feel hot though." Mush sighed.

I dabbed his head with the cloth some more before putting it back in the basin. I smiled at him, and patted his stomach gently "So how're you feeling?" I asked him.

"Put it this least the puking stopped." Mush told me with a smile.

I chuckled at that. Even in the most dire situations, Mush always had a smile on his face. "Well that's good to hear. You're still pretty hot." I said, feeling his head.

Mush looked up at the ceiling, he took a deep breath and sniffed "Hey Blink?" He called to me in a whisper.

I looked at him "What is it, Mush?" I asked him.

"Do you like me?" Mush asked me.

The question took me entirely by surprise. I opened my mouth to answer, but nothing came out at first. Then I finally found my voice "Of course I like you, Mush. You're my best friend." I said to him.

Mush sighed heavily, and reached up to touch my face. I froze at the feeling of his touch. He smiled at me "Good, cause I like you too, Blink. You've always been my closest friend." He said.

I smiled, grabbed a hold of his hand, and pressed my lips against his open palm. Then I looked over at him, his deep brown eyes sparkling with a dull brightness. I locked my only good blue eye with both of his eyes. "So have you, Mush...To me, I mean." I whispered to him.

Mush sat up a bit to decrease the distance between us "Blink, I have a confession." He said.

My heart began to race uncontrollably as I silently awaited Mush's confession. I was slightly scared of what he was gonna tell me.

Noticing my silence, Mush continued to speak "Blink. When I said I liked ya, I meant as more than a best friend." He sighed.

I smiled suddenly. I could see right through him, and I knew he would never lie to me. I then leaned forward towards him, closing the distance a bit more.

"I had a feeling about that, Mush. But you wanna know somethin' really funny?" I asked him.

"What's that?" Mush asked with another smile.

"The feelin' is mutual." I said to him.

Mush chuckled deeply. Then the next thing I knew, he grabbed me by the back of my neck, and pulled me down to close the distance between us entirely as his lips found mine in a sweet kiss.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and laid down next to him as we continued to kiss. I felt Mush's arms snake around my waist. I had never considered myself a 'boy kisser' a day in my life. But since it happened, I'm glad it was with Mush.

As we broke the kiss, I smiled at him and pressed my forehead to his "So, does this mean we're together?" I asked him.

Mush smiled and shrugged "I guess it does. But we can't tell the others yet. They wouldn't understand." He said.

I nodded "'ll be our secret." I said.

Mush nodded back and kissed me "Yup...Our little secret." He said.

With that, I climbed down off the top bunk and back down to my own "Get some sleep, lover. See you in the mornin'" I sighed.

"Okay... Good night." Mush said.

"Night." I told him before shutting off the light.

I had the best night ever taking care of Mush...and it was a night that I'll remember for a long time.

(The End)
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Heya :)

New to the community, so I thought I'd say hi :) As the name implies, I'm still Goldie1899 - the AIM name I used to roam under back in the heyday of Newsieness, from about 1997 onwards. My friends called me Goldie, and I used to run a fansite called Brooklyn and Manhattan, with a buddy of mine called Silver. Just a small-time thing, but of course, we thought we were the end all, with our dark and dangerous Newsies Soap Opera- after all, we were worldly wise at age 14. I also was part of the Newsgirls Union, if anyone still remembers that ancient dinosaur. By the end, I was just the leader at the Bistro Lucio, with Beth, who was one of the greatest writers, and greatest people I have ever known. Then I got sucked into Harry Potter, and -that- devoured my life. Thankfully, today I am a recovered Potterite, and I've returned to my original love, Newsies. I'm hoping to make some new friends, and maybe find some of the old Union gang, to quell my nostalgia. Tack an to the end of my LJ username and drop me a line, if you'd like :D  -Goldie (Or, you know, Maria- which is my "real" name- the name I use at my job, and stuff...)
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Fic: Fever Dream

Title: Fever Dream
Chapters: 1/1
Author: csi_sanders1129
Genre: Hurt/Comfort. Romance.
Ratings: T
Word Count: ~4,800
Pairings/Characters: Jack Kelly/David Jacobs. Jacobs family. Mentions of Spot/Racetrack.
Synopsis: When David doesn’t show up at the distribution center one morning, Jack knows something is very, very wrong.
Comments: Mostly had this already written, finished it up tonight. Characters aren’t mine. Um, enjoy?

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Fic: Just Come Back To Me

Title: Just Come Back To Me
Chapters: 1/1
Author: csi_sanders1129 
Genre: Drama. Angst.
Ratings: T
Word Count: ~3,100
Pairings/Characters: Jack Kelly/David Jacobs
Synopsis: In which Jack leaves for Sante Fe, David has a problem with this, and a worn, red bandana is left behind.
Comments: Started a long while ago, finished today, finally. First newsies fic, hopefully not the last –as a couple more are sitting in my incomplete folder. Recognizable characters aren’t mine, and enjoy!

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Hello, all!

I've been hit with such nostalgia, lately, and am seriously missing my old friends from the NML. I know there have to be people on here from the NML, so I figured this was a good place to ask.

Anyone want to make themselves known? I promise I don't bite, I just miss the old days.


ps: for your viewing pleasure...


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Javid fic; Sunday Night

Title: Sunday Night
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, they belong to Disney and associates. I am writing this for fun and not for profit.
Rating: R
Fandom: Newsies
Pairing: Jack/David
Wordcount: 2169
Warnings: Grinding
Summary: It was a Sunday night, and Jack Kelly was drunk.
Author’s Notes: This was written a while ago, and archived elsewhere, but with the news that Newsies might be going to Broadway I wanted to update my Newsies fics :).

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